The Company

B H Ladwa Ltd is a private limited company rooted in the construction industry with more than 25 years of experience in the building and civil engineering sector. Within 10 years, the Contractors Registration Board of Tanzania had elevated the company’s status by awarding it as a Class 1 Building Contractor.

In these years, the company has expanded its trade hence focusing on various aspects in the construction world. With numerous sister companies each with its specific role in the business, B H Ladwa Ltd proves to be a company with a vast knowledge in all the corners of the industry.

With mounting achievements through discipline workmanship and consistent quality results; the company proclaims a valuable recognition in Tanzania.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer and employee satisfaction is the key to progression and growth of any company.
Quality of Work
Providing the best quality of work by investing in the latest technological machines.
Capital Intensive
Advancing to a more capital-intensive construction company, which will benefit our customers with less time to complete projects as well as increase in quality of work.
Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction by providing fringe benefits and attractive salaries in order to boom the efficiency within the company itself.
Internal Strength
Internal strength in order to produce the best work.