Government Projects

Government Ties

B H Ladwa Ltd attributes part of its success to the various building and construction projects it has successfully completed for the Tanzanian government; the government granted these and many other projects to the company on the strength of its financial resources, performance records, organizational skills, integrity and ethical considerations. Some of the project highlights are outlined as follows.
1. Proposed Construction of 2 Storey Building for Department of Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness at SUA Main Campus – Phase 1.
2. Proposed Construction of Tafori Building at Kingolwira Morogoro Muncipality.
3. Proposed Construction of IT building at Mikocheni, Dar-es-Salaam.
4. Proposed Renovation of the existing building and construction of additional facilities for VETA owned VTC at Tabora.
5. Proposed Construction of VETA building at Zanzibar.